Lacquer, is painted on the surface of various objects,which are made for daily utensils and crafts and fine art. Raw lacquer cuts from the natural tree juices, mainly composed of urushiol, laccase, gumminess and water,the coating is resistant to moisture, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance and other special function, and can make out different colors, Lacquer layer under the condition of wet dry, very hard after curing, it has the property of acid and alkali resistance, wear-resisting. Like pottery and porcelain, silk, China lacquerware is the treasure of national culture.
1)when Paint technology originated
The origin of the lacquer dates back to about 600 years ago

2)How about the price of lacquer ware in high-end?
Completed a lacquer needs padding making, xiu primer, grinding, push the light, decoration and so on , all process is pure handmade, given the lacquer of higher value.

lacquer advantage
First, a slight damage can be repaired
Secondly, compared with the pottery, the lacquer items is light weight, easy to take, when used as feed implement class, food taste more, it is heat insulation and hot.

how do lacquer maintenance
Paint is a kind of very strong durable coating, once brush paint, general acid, alkali, alcohol, and even by aqua regia dissolving gold, the chemical material such as corrosion of hydrogen fluoride glass won’t hurt it. Lacquer maintenance is a very common problem, so experts tell us: people often think of lacquer ware need special maintenance, actually otherwise, all lacquer from natural materials, as long as we treat it like a caress his hands,it is very simple!
1)before first use
New lacquer or unused lacquer is dormant for a long time, be careful of the soft used after rinse with warm water, wipe to revive it.
if lacquer smella heavy
Temporary new lacquer will have the smell of paint, especially put in the hot soup, taste slightly obviously,you might refer to this method: take a bottle of warm water into a cup vinegar mixed evenly, wash again and again.
If got a little time, you can also put it in ricer box in a few days also can remove the taste, but it should be noted that sometimes make lacquer to the taste of rice.
1. Microwave oven is not available
2. Please put under the sun to avoid discoloration or deformation
3 please do not immersed in water or other liquid in long time
4 please put them in ventilated place after use
5 before first use of the product, please clean with hot water high temperature disinfection
6 to the service life of wood products, it is recommended that you do not use the product in other disinfection tools such as disinfection cabinet